The estate

Tenuta Melchiori Ceschi represents a quintessential slice of natural beauty unique to the region of Trentino.

Encircled by mountains that stretch skyward and nestled in the eastern foothills of Dosso di Sant’Agata just outside the city of Trento, stands an exquisite 16th-century Villa, restored in 2010 by the Inama family.

The property is one of the most remarkable examples of Mannerist architecture to be found in Trentino, and emanates an air of authenticity, heightened by the surrounding vineyards, a nod to the villa’s noble heritage and centuries-old tradition of winemaking. A treasured historical and natural resource with a viticultural patrimony at its heart.

The vineyard

From dawn to dusk our hillside is bathed in sunlight, a palpable warmth that permeates the roots and fruit of our vines and ultimately manifests on the palate as a testament to hard work in the vineyard and the noble spirit of the land.

All of our wines come from a single hillside vineyard, “Vigneto Sprè.” Guyot-trained vines enjoy optimal sunlight and ventilation on a southeast-facing slope of Dosso di Sant’Agata, 500 meters in elevation.

The property comprises four hectares, all farmed in accordance with organic practices out of respect for the environment, but also in an effort to preserve the biodiversity that thrives within the vineyard. Grapes are cultivated at low yields in order to produce a superior quality of wine.

Vigneto Sprè is planted primarily with Pinot Noir along with Sauvignon Blanc and Gewürztraminer. The clones are all premium pedigree, sourced in France as well as the nearby renowned San Michele Agricultural Institute “Fondazione Edmund Mach.” Each variety has shown extraordinary results thanks to a qualitative balance of elements at harvest, due in large part to a meticulously manual approach throughout the growing season, in strict adherence to sustainable farming practices and industry regulations.