About Us

A tiny Trentino gem of a winery, art, history, and centuries of winemaking tradition have led to Tenuta Melchiori Ceschi, a project rooted in authentic flavors that is a joy to drink.

A singular Guyot-trained hillside vineyard produces our precious Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewürztraminer grapes. Piero Inama’s meticulous labor in the vineyard and a collaboration with notable wine expert Severino Barzan, have given fruit to an incredible product.

Seeds of passion

One of our guiding principles of Melchiori Ceschi is that research and development along with constant refinement in the winery play an integral role in the creation of a wine.

Every bottle that our vineyard produces is the fruit of an encounter, a meeting of two generations, driven by their shared passion to immerse themselves in the work and to give form and life to this idea.  

Two generations who found themselves in the wine world at different phases of their lives with near identical energy, and united to create something new. One, fueled by the desire to translate a lifetime of experience into an innovative, modern project, the other determined to embrace the challenges and lifestyle that come with being a young winemaker.